APRA President Calls for Peace on Xenophobic attack.

The African Public Relations Association (APRA) President, Mr Yomi Badejo-Okusanya has called for peace amongst Africans living in Africa following the xenophobic attacks currently going on in South Africa. The gory site of Africans killing fellow Africans within its continents is a deep cut in our veins.

Mr Yomi Badejo-Okusanya made this call recently at a gathering stressing that this is not the South Africa Nelson Mandela fought for. He therefore calls on the African Union and other African leaders to intervene and stop the attacks in South Africa.

He added that ‘’South Africa is known to be one of the thriving countries in Africa and one time a standard for all other African countries and leaders’’. The Africa we desire is not one to be achieved on a platter such as this. Africa and Africans are known to be accommodating. Like some tourist who visit Africa, they describe our continent as a paradise and only oneness, unity, togetherness, harmony and peace exist in the paradise.

Africa is blessed and a land of vast opportunities, it is imperative that we harness and turn these opportunities to wealth that can bring about growth and development to our continent and Africans themselves. Killing and attacking each other will not take us anywhere but rather cause more harm and deter our progress as well as advancement.  

The APRA President urge Africans to engage more in dialogue in resolving grievances or differences in order to have a peaceful continent. So many lives have been lost, businesses crumbled and properties lost over the past few days. Our narrative is not that of destruction, Africans are breaking boundaries across the globe and doing exceptionally well abroad. These are the narratives that should emerge from our continent and not attacking one another.  

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